Here in Puigcerda, SP

I have many excuses for not keeping up with my blog. Let’s see, mostly too tired or for the last two days I could not connect. Now it is 10 pm here in the Pyrenees and I am sitting in the lobby in order to send a blog.  Not many speak English here. We rode an elevator to the upper level of town to find a delicious supper.  I had hake. For lunch today we had anchovies at the sea side.

Sometimes there is a lot of stress. For instance two days ago we were rolling along when I rode over curbing  at the end of a round about and blew out two tires on the passenger side of the car. C was able to contact Hertz with one of his several phones and we spent the day either waiting for the wrecker or in the taxi with a $400 ride to the town we had just left that morning. By three in the afternoon we had another car and were on our way again.

Tomorrow we are headed ro Vic and about three days later we give up the car at Barcelona airport.

Adious from Spain




We took the 11am fast train from Barcelona to Madrid this morning. First class tickets gave us better service than an airline. We were served sandwiches and drinks, alcohol if you wanted. It took 2:45 to Madrid.
We are at a hotel near Plaza Major that I was at one other time and C has been here perhaps 5 times. Only 45E a night and great location.
Tonight we are having supper with a friend of Charley’s named Linda.
It’s crowded in the Plaza and police have a big presence.
Maybe a photo…

I cannot access the photos from Madrid but here is the cute dog that waited patiently outside the meat market in TARRAGONA while the owner shopped.

More later. I cannot use roadrunner here for some reason so may send more WordPress.



I think Dali would have approved of stumbling around his museum in sunglasses and without a camera. According to Rick Steves, there is no logical order to the Dali visit,(true), and there’s no audio guide. Dali said there are two kinds of visitors: those who don’t need a description, and those who aren’t worth a description.



(or when the TP is gone it’s adios)

I had to get a couple of diarrhea pills from Charley this morning in order to be fit enough to leave my room. That was the trick. An easy drive to TARRAGONA and not too bad finding the area near the hotel. We went directly to the underground parking, a bit of a nightmare cause we had to go down several levels and probably scraped the front fender of the Peugeot. Impossible maneuvering of that size car.

This is a great tourist spot and it is a Saturday so many people are out. I hope to include a photo of doggie waiting while the owner shopped in meat market

I was not able to download the doggie photo yet but include photo of outside of S. Dali museum that we visited in Figueres a few days ago. Dali, who died in 1989, planned this museum and it held many of his early works and showed that he was influenced by Picasso and Matisse in several works. Even his car was there and a painting he did of his father, a very rotund, banker type. I toured the museum in sunglasses and without camera because I forgot them in the backpack I had to check at the door.



More from Terrassa

The last post with only photo was a selfie with C. in the background. It was a beautiful late afternoon and we were sitting in the plaza, I with a Ricard and C with beer. Then we had anchovies and olives. We were glad and grateful to be alive.

About a day later we began to get upset. Diarrhea. That is why today we are grateful for an easy down time kind of day. We arrived here in Terrassa by 1230 after about 60 easy miles on a toll freeway and have only ventured next door at a bar for beer late this afternoon. Kitchens close in Spain after the lunch hour at anything more than a fast food place, and do not open again till 9pm. That’s enough to make any one upset.

This is the fourth time I have attempted a blog today and the reason I sent only a selfie in my last blog. About 800 of my words were lost in cyber space and during time I could have been napping.

Tonight we rode down in the elevator with a family from Birmingham, England. They are here in Terrassa for a surprise visit for a sister’s 50th birthday. The sister has lived in Terrassa for 30 years.

I would love to send along a photo of the fish supper of Whiff that I had tonight but I’m afraid of another blog disaster. Even Google does not know what whiff is and the waiter of limited English could not tell me what it was. It perhaps describes a small amount because they were of perch size.

Goodnight from Terrassa!!


Off to rocky start

It may be Thursday. I know it is way too early in the morning. We are in Montpellier. Yesterday we stopped in Arles where Van Gogh spent so much time. I wanted to include a photo but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. We had quite a time trying to get to hotel here as the city is a mess of one way streets and construction. Our car is in an enormous underground parking lot. Today we are on foot and tram riding. I’m ready. Support hose on. Let’s go!